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Optional axis

axis: VectorE3

Optional color

color: { b: number; g: number; r: number }

Type declaration

  • b: number
  • g: number
  • r: number

Optional colored

colored: boolean

Optional depth

depth: number

The extent of the box in the z-axis direction.

Optional height

height: number

The extent of the box in the y-axis direction.

Optional meridian

meridian: VectorE3

Optional mode

mode: "mesh" | "wire" | "point" | GeometryMode

Optional offset

offset: VectorE3

Optional openBack

openBack: boolean

Optional openBase

openBase: boolean

Optional openCap

openCap: boolean

Optional openFront

openFront: boolean

Optional openLeft

openLeft: boolean

Optional openRight

openRight: boolean

Optional textured

textured: boolean

Optional tilt

tilt: SpinorE3

Rotation (spinor) to be applied to the geometry at construction time to establish the reference orientation. This cannot be changed once the object has been created because it is burned-in to the vertex locations.

Optional transparent

transparent: boolean

Optional width

width: number

The extent of the box in the x-axis direction.


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